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Dissecting Relationships

I have always been fascinated by relationships, the ups and downs and everything in between. I like the fact that one person can somehow become your friend, family and everything else. It is quite intriguing how this comes about and develops and in a way takes over your existence. My fascination has meant that I take time to observe relationships and I have got quite a load on such that my friends believe that I have become very picky, though I would say I simply know exactly what I want. Here is one way for instance that I demonstrate what I want.

You see before I can choose who to date, I need to consider who their friends are ( that will be after making sure they are God fearing and have the same principles). Why you may ask? Because just like dating, you choose who becomes your friend. It is not like family where you have no choice; this is your doing. You decide who you let into your life and your heart to become your friend. The type of person who you choose then must have a be…


Dedicated to Onidajo

Recently, I got a disappointing news and I felt all the emotions that is usually associated with it. From anger to pain to sadness and everything in between. What stood out to me though in spite of everything I was feeling at that time was Hope. Hope - the expectation that something hoped for can or will happen. That is what keeps me going.

Too often we lose hope because of fear, because of disappointments, because it is not coming fast enough. We forget that adversity and trials sometimes prepare us for the future. They test our endurance in the hope, our faith in what is to come, our beliefs. Losing is easy, we all can do it but holding on to hope even after everything life throws at you is the hardest thing to do. Not losing hope is never easy but it is rewarding and helps keep us going through life's difficult days.

I was reading through something President Obama said with the underlying message of hope. He asks that we choose hope over fear. Fear makes us…

Words I Dare Not Forget

When night falls
And you're blanketed by that dark force
When the whole world seems gloomy
When the pain sets in

Joy is just around the corner
Darkness will be replaced
You lead yourself to get hurt
You are your biggest pain

Stop those worthless thoughts
You are wonderful,

You are the sun to someone's moon
The light in someone's darkness
The joy to their sadness
You are YOU

No one else can have that power
That smile
That look
That laugh
That warmth
That quirk
That voice

So when you think
It's all over
When you're sure
You've seen it all
Look ahead
Wait a minute
Look around you
Smell the roses
Hug your friends
Greet a stranger
Be yourself
You'll be surprised
That that joy
That radiance is in you
You are PRECIOUS...


This is Me

I am not as confident as people think I am. I am not as self reliant as people think I am. I am just a girl like any other, with hopes and fears and a desire to be loved. I used to be the girl who decorated the pillows with her tears, the girl so afraid to hope, she never tried. I wished I was never born. I felt inferior and unloved. I once cried so much I lost my voice but everyone just thought I was ill. You know how when you are quiet people just fill things in without asking you ( yeah that was me), I never explained things to people.  The way I felt at that time gave me the empathy I have today. It is why I strive to understand rather than judge others. Let me explain.

I was a girl who never quite felt beautiful. I was not even considered cute ( I mean you do not see anyone talking to me). I was the girl who was always buried in a book. The one who was treated as an outcast ( I was never privy to any class gist). I had friends alright, but I always felt just outside of their aff…