Dedicated to Onidajo

Recently, I got a disappointing news and I felt all the emotions that is usually associated with it. From anger to pain to sadness and everything in between. What stood out to me though in spite of everything I was feeling at that time was Hope. Hope - the expectation that something hoped for can or will happen. That is what keeps me going.

Too often we lose hope because of fear, because of disappointments, because it is not coming fast enough. We forget that adversity and trials sometimes prepare us for the future. They test our endurance in the hope, our faith in what is to come, our beliefs. Losing is easy, we all can do it but holding on to hope even after everything life throws at you is the hardest thing to do. Not losing hope is never easy but it is rewarding and helps keep us going through life's difficult days.

I was reading through something President Obama said with the underlying message of hope. He asks that we choose hope over fear. Fear makes us give up, it reminds of what we cannot do and why but hope, hope tells us what we can do and how if we do not give up, it will get better.

To be sure, hope is not about wishful thinking through which we come to believe that things would change and get better even if we do not do anything. That would be living a lie and hoping for what would not come. Real hope is about not losing our capacity to continue hard work in the face of daunting tasks and circumstances with the assurance that we would be able to overcome the adversities and have success at the end. This is the hope that sustains us and it is one that all of us need to cultivate and have in our journey through life.

 This week, this month, this year, life will test you. Push you to limits you could never have imagined. You will get disappointed, you will get frustrated and sometimes you may even lose but please do not allow fear win, do not give in to doubt; choose hope.



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