Taking Back Power

So today I want to talk about something I consider very important but please permit me to be a bit informal. Here it goes:

So I am a very interesting friend. I am the type to call you up everyday, text you "hey... How are you doing?" at least once a day just to be sure you're fine and all. I do it so much I sometimes question if my friends do not find me annoying. Now what that means is that I'm a very involved kind of friend, I don't care so fast but when I care, I care. Now as you might have noticed, I am a writer (just humor me) which means I express my feelings better on paper than in words and I live in a world where texting is the new fab ( that's fabulous if you're wondering). I love to text, I mean no need to call again (yay!). Unless it's your super close friend you literally don't have to call ( I have people on my phone that I've never called). My point is, I text a lot.

Now I'm not sure if it's happened to you but just listen. You ever have one of those friends you text and they reply 2 years later ( Okay I'm kidding it was just about 3 to 7 days). Like I'm just there like, "What! And they're online! They can't even just text me back! That's so rude!"
Well those are the people I found myself saddled with. Those who don't text back, who read your messages and never reply, those who can't make meaningful contributions to the conversation and on and on. Now I'm the sensitive type, things bother me.

This whole texting, friends ignoring you both in real life and on text kind of got to me and next thing I knew I was angry, irritated and depressed. I mean, " how can they be always busy? "  then my brother looked at me and said, " Why are you letting these people define you?" And I realized that I had become the one thing I never wanted to be. I had given someone else power. Power over my feelings, my emotions, my life. Yes we can give power but we can't just give it up. I had begun to listen to people who said " hey girl you need to change your personality to get this"  " You need to have this or have that"  " You need to dress this way or that way"
I was mad!

You know what I did. Yes I took my power back. I looked at my life, reordered my priorities and I realized I had so much to do. I needed to start thinking of life after school, start working towards my spiritual goals, finish that novel I've been working on forever and get my NGO group back on track. I became busy too. I discovered on the go Twitter news ( yes!), Ted Talks on YouTube and of course the amazing powers of being time conscious. I am now so busy I've somehow lost all the friends that never liked Me.

See I took my power back. I recognized who I am and what I do and I took back that power to hurt me from those who have no idea how to be friends, but I promised myself one thing ( I'm never going to be them) so I text back immediately I see a message, I still place regular calls to my friends and every once in a while I check in with everyone. Do not ever give someone else the power to control how you live your life even if they have hurt you and even if you have done that, please take it back. You deserve your power back.



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