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Dealing with Despair

I don't know what to write but not for lack of things to write but rather a lack of the will to write. I have so much to dwell on, is it the crippling economic crisis in the country? Or is it the annoying educational sector? Or do I dwell on the pain that can only come with unguarded speech?
Lately it's been everything together. I am just tired, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am so tired I am not emotionally invested in anything. Physically, my body hurts and yet I am supposed to be mentally active, ready to learn. Take for instance, as a student in the university, my penultimate year for that matter, I am supposed to be aware of the area for my research project in the ultimate year. Of course I am not aware, I am not even sure I understand why I have been in school all these years ( I'm just here trying to sleep really!) That is the power of despair - To give up hope; when nothing quite makes sense anymore.

The thing about despair though is that it's never c…