Words I Dare Not Forget

When night falls
And you're blanketed by that dark force
When the whole world seems gloomy
When the pain sets in

Joy is just around the corner
Darkness will be replaced
You lead yourself to get hurt
You are your biggest pain

Stop those worthless thoughts
You are wonderful,

You are the sun to someone's moon
The light in someone's darkness
The joy to their sadness
You are YOU

No one else can have that power
That smile
That look
That laugh
That warmth
That quirk
That voice

So when you think
It's all over
When you're sure
You've seen it all
Look ahead
Wait a minute
Look around you
Smell the roses
Hug your friends
Greet a stranger
Be yourself
You'll be surprised
That that joy
That radiance is in you
You are PRECIOUS...



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