The Depth and Value of Friendship

So I happened on this very interesting picture on Twitter. It was a picture of three boys playing cars. One of them had to bend down and carry the other two, almost like the body of the car. Of course when I saw it, I didn't think it was a big deal, I mean boys play all the time. Then someone commented on it, that it was a true representation of friendship. Friendship involves sacrifice, it involves someone being willing to "carry" the other person and do it with smiles. I fell in love with that comment for it described friendship adequately.

Last year, I ended the year letting go, of pain, feelings and people that do not bring me joy but this year, I want to do it differently. I want to appreciate friendships. There are so many types of friendships in the world. Those that build up (the mentors)  those that push you (the adventurer) , those that encourage you (the confidant) those that notice you, those that keep you company ( the filler friend)  but mostly those that put everything on hold just to see you grow ( the BFF). These are the ones that sacrifice everything and still smile.

I don't have a lot of friends. I'm not even sure I am capable of having lots of friends but I do have friends. I have friends that are acquaintances, I have friends that we share history,  I have friends that listen and build me up. Basically, this outgone year I experienced the power of friendship and I experienced the very kind of friendship that I mentioned at the beginning. New or old, they brought laughter and smiles into my life. So I want to take the time to thank them all.

I thank the friends who make it impossible to hate school. The ones that keep me a seat in class, make sure I get that note completed, the ones I call when there's no one else. Thank you for always listening. I want to thank the friends that check up on me, the old friends that haven't forgotten I exist even when I'm sure they don't remember, they do. I want to thank the friend that inspires me to write who never fails to read my blog even when he's busy. Thank you for being my writing accountability partner, thank you for giving me a writing family.  I want to thank the big brothers who keep listening and caring, who believe even when I don't.  I thank my new friend who somehow has become very close even with my carefree attitude. But most of all, I thank the friend who makes me believe in friendship again because she gives her whole to friendship. Your friendship gives me strength. I want to thank the friends that are family, the family that are friends.

Friendship is a gift for it reminds us that we're never alone no matter how alone we do feel. This new year, I celebrate friendship.



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