A Known Stranger - excerpts from The Courage To Believe - an unpublished novel

Moyo was not alright not after feeling like her own best friends betrayed her.

" How could Jola have befriended Demi? She knew she liked him and she still went ahead with it? Even after going off on her for her feelings? And Moyo just kept mute? Some friends they were!".

She thought as she moved towards the school farm for some quiet. The school farm at Welsley High was a good distance from school and was quite lonely. She ignored the voice that asked her to turn back.  She knew it was early anyway and the farm will be deserted; she could have some time to herself there before having to be friendly to other people. She checked her watch
"Oh well, we're always early anyway. I better get some peace and quiet here"

She thought she was alone until she hears the ruffling of grass. She looks up and sees a familiar face, her senior colleague walking away from her and further into the farm. She calls out to him with a smile

"Oh hey, Sam deary, how's it going? What are you doing here so early?"

He turns and notices her

" Oh hi, you scared me, Moyo. I thought you were someone else " Sam replies

"Like who?"

"A teacher?" He replies sheepishly

"I know what you mean!" She smiles

"What brings you to my hideout?"

" This,  she waves her arm across the land, is your hideout? "

  She laughs then answers

"Well honestly, I'm just upset"

"Upset? Who's got my princess upset?"

"Hahaha, very funny, I'm not your princess, Sam"
She says as she flips her hair

"I'm not trying to be funny though, you know I like you and I'll deal with anyone who tries to upset you in this school"
 he replies

"Yeah pleeeasse deal with Jola and Moyo, they're annoying me right now"
she says as she leans comfortably on a tree

He moves closer to her
"You do know I like you though? Like I really like you?" Sam says as he keeps advancing towards her

"Don't come any closer, you're making me uncomfortable"
she raises her hand to stop him

"Uncomfortable how? We're just talking"
He moves closer

"Then why are you looking at me like that?" She says with eyebrows raised

"Because I've always wanted you baby, you have such a beautiful body. I mean look at you" he answers as he touches her cheek and checks her out.

She raises her hand to slap his hand away
"I'm just a kid, Sam"

As he catches it in his other hand and holds it with a firm grip

"Let go of me Sam! You're hurting me please!"

"Or what? You'll run to daddy? I think you're forgetting one little detail, we're at the farm and no one can hear your screams from here"

"Ah!" She tries again, pushing him away and he gets aggressive by slapping her hard across the face as she hits her head on the tree she was leaning on while facing him before.

He kisses her as she twists and turns and resorts to begging

"Please Sammie, I'm begging you, please don't do this. I'll do all of your assignments from now on. Please"

His hands travel downwards as she tries to keep on fighting. She kicks him then she bites him

"Oh Shoot! You asked for it now princess"
 he says as he pulls her by her shirt, the buttons falling off; and pins her on the ground as she tries to keep kicking him.

"Sammie, Sam! I beg of you, don't do this!"

He smiles with a leer as he spits out the blood from her bite. He pulls up her skirt and stares straight into her as he finally costs her her innocence.
As her heartrending screams fill the air, she couldn't help but recall her aunt's words
"A stranger isn't always unknown, sometimes it's someone you let in"

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  1. Great story! Captivating read all through! It passes an important message.


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