I mentioned that I also will be sharing some of my poems and sometimes excerpts from my novel. Today, I want to share one of my recent poems. I really hope you like it.

Yesterday, I found who I was
Who I am
And who I should be

Yesterday, I learnt to question
To rethink
To doubt
To be unafraid
To be me

Yesterday, I stood on the shoulder of a giant
And I saw the river
The river of endless possibilities
And endless pursuits
The river of mankind
And my place in it

I have seen
And I have felt
I have known
And I have wondered
But it will be aimless
If I have to be forced to express myself
Through a language imposed by society
A culture that is not mine
That will never be

I am a fusion of both
Never quite foreign
Yet not traditional
Never quite home
Yet no stranger
And it will be fruitless to write
Of a culture that I never quite had
And I've never quite known

So I'll write in both
In a language uniquely mine
I'll tell my own story
I'll express my own
In an old new way
And I'll form my own path
As a prodigy of a man from yesterday

Yesterday, I saw
I found
I became



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