The Impossibility that Hurts You

"There's a certain kind of impossibility that hurts you"

I kind of have no idea what I meant by that but I think I meant that there are some things that are impossible that have the power to cause you so much pain. One of it is the impossibility of changing the past. You ever said something so hurtful that you didn't mean but you cannot go back to 'unsay' it,  so you live with the fact that you caused a loved one pain and that in turn causes you pain? That impossibility hurts you.

It hurts you in the sense that when you see your loved ones hurting, you hurt too. For example, I am the first of the grandchildren from the maternal side of the family and sometimes I scold my younger ones to the point where they start crying and I feel so bad, I end up consoling them. Now that is just one example of several. When our loved ones hurt, we hurt too. Now imagine when you are the cause of the hurt then you hurt twice as hard.

Too often we become so free with our loved ones that we fail to watch what we say and how it affects them personally. We become so unguarded that we sometimes suspend kindness. You say something hurtful you never really meant but just because you were hurting, they have to forgive you anyway?  I do not think so. I think we live in a very unkind and dangerous world that is full of hurt in different areas. What we need is to find our kindness at home.  I am not saying do not speak freely with your friends and family. I am saying do not suspend kindness while you do it. Make a conscious effort to be kind to those you love not just in deeds but in words.

Too often we find ourselves not telling our loved ones how much they mean to us. We just assume they already know.
Why not change that? Tell someone very close to you how much they mean to you. Write a friend a handwritten note of special moments and watch them read it. The joy that will give is everything, find it. Avoid the painful impossibilities.



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