Submitting to Love

Ever wondered why people that are in love play silly games like race each other,  dance in the rain,  hose each other till they're soaking wet and still laugh while doing it?

Because I've always wondered if I can ever see myself doing crazy stuff like that with anyone, it's downright silly and embarrassing but I think I get it now.  When you're in love you are so incredibly happy that you don't care who knows. Nothing else matters to you but that one person and everything they mean to you.  It's not that you know that they won't hurt you or that they won't laugh at you because they will,  it's that you don't care.  The way they make you feel most of the time makes up for the downs,  they make you feel so so so happy that you just have to take that chance even if it'll last just for a minute, you're willing to feel that good.  You feel so happy,  you feel like a kid again and you trust them so much, you're willing to be that silly with them because you know they won't mind.  Everything even doing absolutely nothing with them makes you that happy.

So next time,  you find yourself cringing at that kind of scene,  why not just smile and enjoy that moment with them?  Live that happiness with them. Because being that happy should be an everyday thing and we all deserve it no matter what we were told.  It's not just with lovers even with your best friends,  you're not afraid to be silly because of that happiness. Which tells us that all of us have the capacity and opportunity of being happy in such a way as there is virtually nobody without a best friend that with whom we feel so much at home. The problem is that even when we are with our best friends, we do not take advantage of it to really wind down and be silly and be loved and be appreciated and therefore feel better about ourselves.

I hope we all seize the opportunities going forward to feel more like this in submitting to the enrapturing feel of such love and to recognize it more.



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