I know all about pain
The kind of pain that doesn't go away
The kind that holds on
And never leaves
The kind that leaves you holding your breath
Not sure you will ever breathe again

It happened the first time you left
The first time you walked out the door
And never came back
It was like lightening struck
And I was left waiting for the thunder
And was I right?

I was torn
Shattered like broken glass
Not quite complete again
It was like nails on a broken skin
Like a walk through fire
Not sure I will survive

So I look for you in every stranger
Find your laughter in every friend
But you are not coming back
Not today
Not ever

So here comes the hard part
I piece up the broken glass
Never quite whole again
Thunder is gone
The calm after the storm
I know I will be fine
But darling, I still hope you come back
Maybe not today
But someday

You never felt pain
Till your best friend hands you your heart.



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