In Praise of Sensitivity

I am a soft spoken, shy, introverted female. I am not quite sure what that suggests to you but permit me to point out that it means that I have to apologize a lot.  I am told to speak up, stop staying all by yourself, be bold and try to talk to someone and yes work twice as hard for everything. While I could go on and on about how society makes us apologize for being female, I want to dwell on something less well known; how society forces people like me into being apologetic for our sensitivity.

Growing up, I remember being told time and time again that I could be insensitive which I think is subjective ( just because I didn't cry when Jack died in Titanic doesn't make me insensitive people!). I can actually be sensitive, I internalize a lot of feelings and words and I find myself with scars from wounds that should long since have healed. The thing about sensitivity is that it is relative to each person and what I have learnt is that you cannot and should not apologize for the way you feel. It is your own feeling, own it, accept it, move from it but please do not apologize for it. The sun does not apologize for its being the sun, do not apologize for being you.

Sensitivity is about how you feel and how that feeling influences your reactions. We are all different in our perspective, backgrounds and this affects our sensitivity. Sometimes the way we see the world essentially affects that sensitivity which is why a more reflective person is more sensitive than those who just take life as it comes. Personally, I am sensitive with words and the feelings those words invoke can leave lasting impressions. And I think it is our responsibility as a society to raise kids that will be more accepting of the sensitive and be more open to accepting others feelings. Asking an individual to close up or man up is not the solution but rather allowing the individual to go through that process without losing their minds is the solution. Becoming more tolerant and more informed is the solution and ultimately, watching our words and the way we say them would help us all appreciate the place of sensitivity.

As I am growing, I am realizing that I continue to be a shy sensitive introverted female learning to be unapologetic for my sensitivity.



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